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Welcome to Tulsa Virtual Academy!

Tulsa Virtual Academy is a fully virtual learning program for grades pre-K through 12 that offers students and families flexible scheduling in a self-paced learning environment. Tulsa Virtual Academy offers curricula that meet state and national standards. Each student is provided with a Chromebook to ensure that they are able to access Tulsa Virtual Academy’s rigorous, grade-level content and the support of a certified teacher.

The Tulsa Virtual Academy team seeks to empower students, work with families to become learning advocates for their students, and maintain ongoing communication to support each scholar to success. Students are given the opportunity to join rigorous and engaging instruction via live Zoom calls with a certified teacher.

Students will also have access to live tutoring, for those who thrive in a blended learning model. The Virtual Academy is programmed to be flexible to meet the needs of parents and families. We estimate that students in the Tulsa Virtual Academy will spend 2-4 hours a day on the computer interacting with their teacher and virtual classroom and another 2-4 hours of working on activities away from the computer reinforce what they’re learning. Tulsa Virtual Academy offers students support in a safe and inclusive virtual environment.


Tulsa Virtual Academy is available for pre-K through 12th grade students. This is a great option for parents who, for a variety of reasons, have chosen for their student to participate in a virtual learning environment, outside of the traditional brick-and-mortar schools. The Virtual Academy provides a high-quality learning experience that supports each child’s social emotional needs while offering a flexible schedule that includes opportunities to move ahead through self-paced learning and to receive targeted tutoring. That makes this a great option for students and families who are seeking greater autonomy over their student’s individual academic growth and development than is available in a traditional learning environment.


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Tulsa Virtual Academy

Tulsa Virtual Academy is a wonderful option for all students regardless of learning style.  Our staff is dedicated to connecting with students and families, and we offer flexibility as well as traditional learning to all of our students.

Priscilla Griggs, Tulsa Virtual Academy Teacher of the Year


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